Electric Prep / Display & Cooking Machine Hire

Electric Prep / Display & Cooking Machine Hire

Most of our heavy catering equipment are supplied on mobile trolleys as standard. Please enquire.

Some trolleys available for hire in Kitchen Furniture.

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Intelligent Blender

Product no.: FPIB01
Includes 8 pre-set programmes

Electric Conference Kettle - 1.7 lt

Product no.: KWECK1.7

Electric Conference Kettle.


4 litre catering kettle

Product no.: BTW4CK
Traditional robust stainless steel kettle. 4 litre capacity (7 pints). Keep warm element, allows reboil in less than 1 minute.

Exhibition 2-Slice Toaster

Product no.: CMDECJ02
Bosch 2-Slice Toaster.

Heavy Duty Stick Blender

Product no.: CBPHDSB01

Slow Cooker - 6L

Product no.: KESC6L

Slow Cooker. 6 litre capacity and 3 heat sittings.


All purpose Mincer

Product no.: FPAPMC

Electric Water Boiler - 18 Litres

Product no.: BTW18WB
Manual fill. 18 litre capacity (110 cups) in 48 mins.

Electric Water Boiler - 27 Litres

Product no.: BTW27WB
Manual fill. 27 litre capacity (165 cups) in 60mins.

Hot Pot Soup Kettle - Black

Product no.: SDFWSK01

Hot Pot Soup Kettle - Stainless Steel

Product no.: SDFWSKB02

1 Pot Bain Marie - Dry heat

Product no.: SDFWBM1
Bain Marie for soups, chillies, mulled wine, etc.

2 pots Bain Marie - Wet Heat

Product no.: SDHFSBM2P
Bain Marie. Perfect for safely holding sauces, gravy and pre-cooked foods for up to two hours at serving temperature.

Bain Marie. 2 x 1/4 gastronorm containers.

Product no.: SDFWBM01

Electric Bain Marie - 24 Ltr

Product no.: EMEBM24L

Electric Bain Marie - 24 Ltr


Popcorn Machine

Product no.: SDNDPC01
This 6oz machine features a spun aluminium kettle for fast warm up and consecutive three minute popping cycles.

Pop Corn Maker with Cart & Canopy

Product no.: CMEMPM
Fluffy Popcorn machine makes 16 oz portions every 3 mins.

6 Slice Commercial Toaster

Product no.: CKEQTS03

Commercial 6 Slice Toaster


Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker

Product no.: FPICESBM

Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker.


Conveyor Turbo Toaster

Product no.: CKEQCBT

Electric PRO Rice Cooker

Product no.: CMEMEPRC

6 ltr dry rice capacity. 10 ltr / 26 portions cooked rice capacity. Automatically switches from cooking to keeping warm once cooking is completed.


Pasta Boiler

Product no.: CMEMPB

Compact and robust pasta boiler.


Electric Crepe Maker

Product no.: CKEQDCP10
This crepe maker offers accurate temperature control for perfect results every time.

2 Plate Boiling Top

Product no.: CKEQBT05

Single Tank Fryer

Product no.: CKEQSF01

Twin Tank Fryer - Electric

Product no.: CKEQDF02

Robust twin tank fryer hire.


Chip Scuttle

Product no.: CMEMCCWOG

Small Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

Product no.: KESMOSS
Simple dial manual controls.

Large Microwave Oven

Product no.: CKEQMW13

Pizza Oven Hire

Product no.: POH

Capacity 4 x 23cm pizzas or variety.

1 - 30 of 42 results