DeluxeHire Miscellaneous Everything

DeluxeHire Miscellaneous Everything

Deluxehire offers Wallboards, Iron and Ironing board, party bucket bells, table reserve, bin, water coolers, lighter and many more.

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Gas Lighter

Product no.: KWGTGL

Gas Lighter.


Bottle Carrier Hire

Product no.: CBMBC

Raffle / Cloakroom Ticket

Product no.: MERCT

Raffle / Cloakroom ticket.


Decorative Wooden Birdcage

Product no.: EEQLBC70

Stainless Steel Bullet Bin - 30 Litre

Product no.: MSSSBB30

Stylish rubbish bin.


Waste Paper Bin with Silver Trim

Product no.: EEEMWPST

Heavy Duty Step Stool

Product no.: EMSTEPST

Call Bell

Product no.: EEEMCBELL

Plastic Reserved Sign

Product no.: MEPRS

Reserve sign.


Metal Reserved Sign

Product no.: MEMRS

Metal reserved sign.


Steam Iron Hire

Product no.: AMSTIRON

Steam Iron


Ironing Board

Product no.: EVEMIRBD

Ironing board.


Large Mail Box

Product no.: MSLMB

Large mail box.


Sandwich Pavement Board

Product no.: EIEOEESPS

Sandwich Pavement Board.


Black Scroll Pavement Board

Product no.: DHBSPB

Black Scroll Pavement Board Hire


Universal Wallboard

Product no.: EMEUW28

Universal Wallboard


Refuse Bin - 80L

Product no.: MERB048

Refuse bin hire.


Party Bucket

Product no.: BWMSPB

42 Ltr multi-use colourful and flexible buckets.


Standard First Aid Kit - 20 Person

Product no.: KKFAID20

First Aid Kit.


Cash Register

Product no.: EPEEACR

Cash register hire.


2 Socket Weatherproof Masterplug

Product no.: MEE2SWM

Waterproof outdoor two socket extension cable.


4 Socket Extension Lead - 5 metres

Product no.: FSC5

5 metre extension cable.


4 Socket Extension Lead - 10 metres

Product no.: FSCR10M

Amps: 13. Size : 10m. Volts: 240


4 Socket Cable Reel - 25m

Product no.: FSCR25M

4 socket electric cable reel, 25 meters for hire.


Euro Crate Blue - Large

Product no.: STECBL

Heavy duty euro crate with attached lid.


Euro Crate Blue - Small

Product no.: STECBS

Heavy duty euro crate with attached lid.


Heavy Duty Chair Trolley

Product no.: STCTHCT

Heavy Duty Sack Trolley

Product no.: STHDST
Robust, fully welded steel construction.

Stairclimber Sack Truck

Product no.: STSCST
Stairclimber heavy duty high back trolley.

Ryman Expanding Wooden Garden Fence

Product no.: DHREWGF

Ryman Expanding Wooden Garden Fence Hire