Asian Dishes & Bowls

Asian Dishes & Bowls


See also Chinaware hire.

Bowls in metal, glass, stainless steel, etc.

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Copper Karahi Dish - 15CM

Product no.: CBPPCCPKD15CM
15cm dia.

Balti Dish with Copper Bottom - 15cm

Product no.: CBDCB15

Balti Dish with Copper Bottom - 15cm


Balti Dish with Copper Bottom - 20cm

Product no.: CBDCB20

Curry Kahari bowl. 15cm available.


Stainless Steel Balti Dish - 20cm

Product no.: SSBD20

Kahari Curry bowl. 15 cm available.


Hammered Copper Handi Bowl 13cm

Product no.: HCHBM13

Hammered Copper Handi Bowl 13cm


Hammered Copper Handi Bowl 15cm

Product no.: HCHBM15

Hammered copper handi bowl 15cm


Hammered Copper Handi Bowl 17cm

Product no.: HCHBM17

Hammered copper handi bowl.


Hammered Copper Handi Bowl - 23.5cm

Product no.: LCPB

23cm dia.


Copper Bottom Bowl & Cover - Small

Product no.: TBSCBBCS

Splendid multi-use bowl with cover.


Copper Bottom Bowl & Cover - Medium

Product no.: TBSCBBCM

Splendid multi-use bowls for curries, etc.


Copper Bottom Bowl & Cover - Large

Product no.: TBSCBBCL

Splendid multi-functional bowl with cover.


Barbecue Metal Skewer Wood Handle

Product no.: DHBMSWH

Barbecue Metal Skewer Hire