DeluxeHire Speciality Drinkware

DeluxeHire Speciality Drinkware

DeluxeHire offers a range of speciality glasses in a wide range of colours. Etched, beaded, julep cups, gold design, champagne flutes, martini glasses, Irish coffee cups, etc. Deluxe hire

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Mint Julep Fleur De Lys Tumbler

Product no.: MJFDLT

Makes the right statement!

For use as drinkware only.


New Loreta Aqua Blue Tumbler - Embossed

Product no.: DSDLABT
Embossed Aqua Blue Tumbler

New Loreta Aqua Blue Goblet - Embossed

Product no.: DSDLABG
Embossed Aqua Blue Goblet.

New Loreta Smoke Grey Tumbler - Embossed

Product no.: DSDLSGT
Embossed Smoke Grey Tumbler.

New Loreta Smoke Grey Goblet - Embossed

Product no.: DSDLSGG
Loreta Smoke Grey Goblet - Embossed

New Loreta Purple Tumbler - Embossed

Product no.: DSDLPT
Embossed Purple Tumbler.

New Loreta Purple Goblet - Embossed

Product no.: DSDLPG
Embossed Purple Goblet.

New Loreta Green Tumbler - Embossed

Product no.: DSDLGT
Embossed Green Tumbler

New Loreta Green Goblet - Embossed

Product no.: DSDLGG
Loreta Green Goblet - Embossed

Clear Versailles Tumbler

Product no.: DSDCVT

Clear Versailles Wine Glass Small

Product no.: DSDCVWGS

Clear Versailles Wine Glass Large

Product no.: DSDCVWGL

Lyonnais Tumbler

Product no.: DSDLT

Lyonnais Wine Glass

Product no.: DSDLWG

Lyonnais Clear Tumbler

Product no.: DSDLCT

Lyonnais Clear Wine Glass

Product no.: DSDLCWG

Cobalt Blue Wine Goblet

Product no.: DSDCBWG

Cobalt Blue Goblet

Product no.: DSDCBG

Cobalt Blue Hi-ball Glass

Product no.: DSDCBHG

Green Beaded Stem Wine Glass

Product no.: DSGB05

Green Beaded Goblet - Wide Rim

Product no.: DSDGBGWR

Green Goblet / Clear Stem

Product no.: DSGB07

Beaded Purple Wine Glass

Product no.: SPBPWG
Purple wine glass.

Beaded Purple Goblet - Wide Rim

Product no.: SPBPG

Red Beaded Goblet - Wide Rim

Product no.: DSDRBGWR