Drinkware Misc.

Drinkware Misc.

DeluxeHire offers a range of Beer glasses, cocktail glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses, Irish coffee cups, etc.

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Oslo Vintage Shot Glass

Product no.: DHOVSH

Oslo Vintage Shot Glass Hire 


Islande Shot Glass - 60ml 2oz

Product no.: DMDDSG02

Classic straight-sided, balanced shot glass. Perfect for all parties!


Hot Shot Slammer

Product no.: DWDMHSS

Banquet Paris White/Red Wine Glass

Product no.: GWBPSWG

Gin Cocktail Glass

Product no.: GGCG

Perfect gin and tonic glass. Also perfect for all other cocktails.


Tall Champagne Flute

Product no.: DWTCF
Tall champagne flute.

Glass Tumbler

Product no.: DWDMCGT

All rounder tumbler.


Highball 10oz

Product no.: DWDMCT10oz
All round highball.

Cabernet Sherry / Liqeur Glass 2oz

Product no.: DMDSSLG
All round sherry glass.

Sherry / Liquer Glass - 70ml

Product no.: DWDMSHG
Sherry / Liquor glass

Hurricane Cocktail Glass

Product no.: DWDMHCG

Hurricane Cocktail Glass.


Cabernet Martini / Cocktail Glass

Product no.: DWDMCCT
Cabernet Martini / Cocktail Glass

Capri Cocktail / Pina Colada Glass - 13oz. 375ml.

Product no.: DWDMCPCG
Capri Cocktail / Pina Colada Glass.

Champagne Saucer - Coupe

Product no.: DWMCCS17
Classic champagne saucer.

Ella Coupe Champagne Saucer

Product no.: DMEC13

Elegant champagne saucer.


Margarita Cocktail Glass

Product no.: DWDMMGCG
Margarita Cocktail Glass.

Brandy Glass

Product no.: DWDMDGBD
Brandy glass.

Glass Latte Mug 8.5oz (242ml)

Product no.: DWDMGLTM8OZ
Glass Latte Mug 8.5oz (242ml)

Pilsner Glass 12.5oz

Product no.: DWDWMP12.5oz
340ml. 18cm high

Senator Beer Glass - Half Pint 10oz

Product no.: DWDMSBG10oz
Senator Beer Glass - Half Pint 10oz

Senator Beer Glass - Pint 20oz

Product no.: DWDMST20oz
Senator glass. 570ml. 18cm high.

Tulip Glass - Half Pint 10oz

Product no.: DWDMTTG10oz
Tulip Glass. Half pint beer glass.

Tulip Glass - Pint 20oz

Product no.: DWDMTP20oz
570ml. 16cm high.

Beer Tankard - Pint Glass

Product no.: DWMBTPG33

Beer tankard. Iconic traditional pint tankard.