Table Skirting & Stage Skirting

Table Skirting & Stage Skirting

Table skirting is a practical system to enhance the presentation of top tables, receptions, buffets and displays.

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Stage Skirting - 50cm

Product no.: TLSS50CM

Stage skirting hire available in other colours.

£5.99 / m

Stage Skirting - 80cm

Product no.: TLSS80CM
Add that finishing touch to your stage. Available in 6 colours.
£8.39 / m

Bordeaux Plisse

Product no.: ALTSBP

Table Skirting - White Plisse

Product no.: LTSW02

Cream Plisse

Product no.: ALTSCP

Dark Blue Plisse

Product no.: ALTSDBP

Green Plisse

Product no.: ALTSGP

Table Skirting - White Boxpleat

Product no.: LTSW01

Bordeaux Boxpleat

Product no.: ALTSBBP

Cream Boxpleat

Product no.: ALTSCBP

Dark Blue Boxpleat

Product no.: ALTSDBBP1

Green Boxpleat

Product no.: ALTSGBP

Cream Plisse Table Top Covering & Skirting

Product no.: ALTSCPTTSK
All in one table cover and skirting for 6ft tables only.

Cream Boxpleat Table Top Covering & Skirting

Product no.: ALTSCTTBPS
Fits 6ft tables: All-in-one table top covering and skirting.