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Please find a selection of sofas, column and pedestals, stools, etc.

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Side Table - Set of 3

Product no.: FSTS3
French style side tables, set of 3.

White French Coffee Table

Product no.: FWFCT
White French Coffee Table.

Two Seater Event Sofa - Black

Product no.: FTSEBLACK

Two seater event sofa. Popular for events.


Wooden Side Table

Product no.: FWST

Wooden Side Table.


Wooden Coffee Table

Product no.: FWCT

Chunky wooden coffee table brown.


Otto Wooden Coffee Table

Product no.: FOWCT

Wooden coffee table.


Two Seater Wedding Arch

Product no.: FTSWA

Beatiful metal arch in cream. Favorite for weddings.


Turning Leaf lectern

Product no.: FMTLF21

Four Door Locker - Mid Grey

Product no.: FMFFDLG22