DeluxeHire Security & Fencing

DeluxeHire Security & Fencing

DeluxeHire security fencing and crowd control barriers. Use for guiding crowd and goods protection for small scale events.

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Rope For Barrier System - Blue

Product no.: EPEBSBLR

Rope For Barrier System - Gold Twist

Product no.: EPEBSGR

Rope For Barrier System - Black

Product no.: EPEBSBR

Rope For Barrier System - Red

Product no.: EPEBSRR
Choice of brass and chrome domed ends.

Brass Post Barrier System

Product no.: EEEMBPBS

Chrome Post Barrier System

Product no.: EEEMCPBS

Retractable Barrier

Product no.: EEEMBRBR
Retractable Barrier. RED OR BLACK BARRIER.