Chafing Dishes, Hotplates & Fuel Hire

Chafing Dishes, Hotplates & Fuel Hire
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Product no.: SDCFGTR105
Toughened glass chafing dish with cover and lid holder.
Product no.: DHSSRICD

Stainless Steel Round Induction Chafing Dish Hire 

Product no.: SDCFGE104
Stackable Chafer full set Includes any size food pan and two fuel holders.
Product no.: CDCHC

Stackable Chafing dish full size with innovative clear cover is perfect for merchandising.

Product no.: CECDERCD
Product no.: TDEC

Deluxe Full Size Chafer

Product no.: SDOBL101

Top of the range chafing dish. Exquisite display for an elegant presentation.

Product no.: SDRR102

Elegant chafing dish for top quality presentaion.

Product no.: DRRTCDEP


Product no.: SDCFCF
Premium quality chafing fuel with preset wick which maintains optimum temperature of 192-205°F - 4 Hour burn time.