Hotel Essentials

Hotel Essentials

Find essentials for hotels and other fine establishments offering accommodation.  More products available soon. 

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Steam Iron Hire

Product no.: AMSTIRON

Steam Iron


Ironing Board

Product no.: EVEMIRBD

Ironing board.


Exhibition Cordless Jug Kettle

Product no.: CMDECJ01

Bosch Cordless Jug Kettle.


Marlin Pocketed Single Hotel Duvet

Product no.: DHMPSHD

Marlin Pocketed Single Hotel Duvet Hire 


Marlin Pocketed Double Hotel Duvet

Product no.: DHMPDHD

Marlin Pocketed Double Hotel Duvet Hire 


Marlin Pocketed King Size Hotel Duvet

Product no.: DHMPKSHD

Marlin Pocketed King Size Hotel Duvet Hire 


White Hotel Spa Open Toe Slippers

Product no.: DHAWHSOTS

Comfortable hotel quality open toe terry spa slippers. 


White Hotel Spa Closed Toe Velour Slippers

Product no.: DHAWHSCTVS

Comfortable hotel quality velour spa slippers. 


White Hotel Spa Closed Toe Waffle Slippers

Product no.: DHAWHSCTWS

Comfortable hotel quality closed toe waffle spa slippers. 


Pickford Waterproof Pillow

Product no.: DHAPWP

Pickford Waterproof Pillow Hire 


Henley Soft White Hotel Bathrobe

Product no.: DHAHSWHB

Ashton Soft White Hotel Bathrobe Hire 


Henley White Waffle Hotel Bathrobe

Product no.: DHAHWWHB

Henley White Waffle Hotel Bathrobe Hire 


Henley Luxury White Hotel Bathrobe

Product no.: DHAHLWHB

Henley Luxury White Hotel Bathrobe Hire 


Henley Luxury Ivory Hotel Bathrobe

Product no.: DHAHLIHB

Henley Luxury Ivory​ Hotel Bathrobe Hire 


Henley Luxury Beige Hotel Bathrobe

Product no.: DHAHLBGHB

Henley Luxury Beige​ Hotel Bathrobe Hire 


Henley Luxury Black Hotel Bathrobe

Product no.: DHAHLBHB

Henley Luxury Black Hotel Bathrobe Hire 


Henley Luxury Chocolate Hotel Bathrobe

Product no.: DHAHLCHB

Henley Luxury Chocolate Hotel Bathrobe Hire 


Waste Paper Bin with Silver Trim

Product no.: EEEMWPST

Mini Fridge

Product no.: RFMBAR

Mini bar with silent operation with two shelves.


Metal Safe

Product no.: EEEMRSF

Keeps your valuables safe at any event.


Face & Hand Towel

Product no.: TLFHT
Hand and face towel. Also available in black and cream.

Maxim White Hotel Bath Mat

Product no.: DHAMWHBM

White bath mat has a classical plain border design, 650gsm.




White Egyptian Key Hotel Bath Mat

Product no.: DHAMEKHBM

White bath mat has an egyptian key design650gsm.




Ruben Luxe White Hotel Bath Mat

Product no.: DHARLWHBM

Ruben Luxe White Bath Mat is made from a 100% ring spun cotton. 800gsm.