Pyramid Patio Heater

Pyramid Patio Heater

Product no.: HPPH

Pyramid flame patio heater. Supplied with a standard 15kg gas bottle. Heavy duty stainless steel construction. Quartz tube for extra durability and security. Adjustable 5kw to 13kw heat output. Heater capacity 54.600 BTU/Hours. Heating area 25sq. metres. Gas - propane only. Gas cylinder - 5kg to 13kg calor gas bottle. Pressure - 37 mbr. Running time - at 11kw at 13kg - burn rate 1kg per hour. Consumption - 590g/hr. Height 220cm. Width 46*49cm.


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13 KG Propane Gas Refill - Patio 13 KG Propane Gas Refill - Patio
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