Misc. Table & Serviceware

Misc. Table & Serviceware

Misc. Table & Serviceware
Fondue sets, Egg cups, toast racks, cutlery and teacup dispensers, etc.

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New Summer Rose Round Placemat

Product no.: TMTSRRP

New Summer Rose Round Coaster

Product no.: TMTSRRC

Seafood Trays and Stand

Product no.: SDMSDST01

Seafood tray and stand.


Seafood Trays & Stand Three Tier

Product no.: STSTT

Seafood Trays & Stand Three Tier


6 Hole Stainless Steel Snail Plate

Product no.: SWSSMSP06

Stainless Steel Snail Tongs and Fork Set

Product no.: SWSSMTFS07

Stainless Steel Egg Cup

Product no.: SWSSMEC01

Plate Cover Small - Stainless Steel

Product no.: CPCSSS20
Finest quality stainless steel. 20cm dia.

Plate Cover Large - Stainless Steel

Product no.: CPCSS26
Finest quality stainless steel. 26cm dia.

Spiked Meat Carving Dish

Product no.: SDMSDSMD

Canteen Cutlery Tray

Product no.: SDMSDCT
Canteen Cutlery Trays

Wooden Cutlery Tray

Product no.: TSMWCT33
Mahogany effect wooden cutlery tray. Superior quality.

Cutlery Cylinders

Product no.: SDMSDCS
Cutlery Cylinders Stainless Steel

Cast Iron Enamelled Fondue Set - Red

Product no.: TSCIEFSR

Cast Iron Enamelled Fondue Set - Cream

Product no.: TSCIEFSC

Cast Iron Enamelled Fondue Set - Black

Product no.: TSCIEFSB

Stainless Steel Ceramic Fondue Set

Product no.: TSCIESSCFS
For chocolate or meat fondue.

New Plate Cloche

Product no.: TSMSTC
Cloche dome with gold effect knob.

Chrome Folding Tray Stand

Product no.: TSBPSTTSD
Fits 68.6 trays which can be found under Serving & Self Service Trays.