Cake / Fruit Stands

Cake / Fruit Stands

Cake / Fruit Stands
Wedding cake stands. Cup cake stands. Fruit stands etc.

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Cake Stand - Turquoise and Yellow

Product no.: DSCSCPDTS
Use for miniature cakes, chocolates, etc, to provide an unashamedly opulent twist on contemporary dinning.

Three Tiered Porcelain Cake Stand

Product no.: TCFSTTCS

Very attractive cake stand for delicious cakes, cup cakes, etc.


Pedestal Cake Stand

Product no.: TSCFPCS36

Stylish cake stand in excellent quality porcelain.


Revolving Cake Stand Glass

Product no.: TSCS2TCS

Revolving Cake Stand Glass


Silver Cake Stand

Product no.: SCS30

Silver Cake Stand.


Cake Plate Cover

Product no.: CPC30

Cake Plate Cover


Revolving Cake Stand

Product no.: SDCKCRCS01

Two Tier Square Cake Stand

Product no.: TSTTSCS

Three Tier Round Stainless Steel Cake Stand

Product no.: TSTTRCS

Large Silver 5 Tier Cake Stand

Product no.: LS5TCS

Large Silver 5 Tier Cake, Fruit, Cupcakes and whatever else delicious! Stand With Hammer Effect in Silver.


Cup Cake Stand - Round 4 Tier CA

Product no.: TSCSCCS4T
Superior acrylic cup cake stand.

Cup Cake Stand - Round 8 Tier. CA

Product no.: TSCSCCS8T

Superior quality round 8 Tier Clear Acrylic Cup Cake Stand


Round Silver Plated Cake Stand

Product no.: TSCFSPCS12
Raised plateau stand.

Cake Stand - Beaded Round Silver Plated

Product no.: TSCFCSBR11
Silver plated and beaded.

Cake Stand - Rectangular Silver Plated

Product no.: TSCFRCS10
Superior quality silver plated rectangular wedding cake stand Plateau.

2 Tier C Stand

Product no.: 2 Tier C Stand

3 Tier Swan Stand

Product no.: 3 Tier Swan Stand

3 Tier S Stand

Product no.: 3 Tier S Stand

3 Tier E Cake Stand

Product no.: 3 Tier E Cake Stand

Round Acrylic Base Stand

Product no.: TSCFABS13