Picnic Rugs & Throws

Picnic Rugs & Throws

Picnic Rugs & Throws

Find picnic rugs, throws and blanket for picnics and other events.

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Picnic Rug / Blanket - Aqua/Aqua Fleece

Product no.: ORPA01

Waterproof backing.


Picnic Rug / Blanket - Chocolate/Red Fleece

Product no.: ORPC02

Waterproof backing.


Picnic Rug / Blanket - Duck Egg/Chocolate Fleece

Product no.: ORPD03

Waterproof backing.


Picnic Rug / Blanket - Sea Blue/Emerald Fleece

Product no.: ORPS04

Waterproof backing.


Picnic Rug / Blanket - Pink/Navy Fleece

Product no.: ORPP05

Fleece Throw - Small

Product no.: PBFTS

9 Colours available.


Fleece Throws - Medium

Product no.: POFTM

Super quality fleece throw. Use for keeping warm or as picnic blanket.


Chenille Throw - Burgundy

Product no.: ORPCB22

Chenille throw with tassels. Burgundy.


Chenille Throw Teal

Product no.: ORTCT20

Chenille throw with tassels.


Oatmeal Throw

Product no.: POHT

Oatmeal Wool Throw


Random Colour All Wool Picnic Rug / Throw

Product no.: ORPRC11

All Wool Picnic Rug woven from re-cycled wool. Use as rug or throw. No waterproof backing.


Random Celtic Weave Throw

Product no.: ORPR12
Lovely Herringbone Design within a Block Check. Comes in random colours.

Antique Buchanan Picnic Rug

Product no.: ORPABPR

Picnic blanket. Polo Pure New Wool.


Dress Stewart Tartan Throw

Product no.: PBDSTT

Pure New Wool


Royal Stewart Tartan Throw

Product no.: PBRSTT

Pure New Wool


Dress Thompson Tartan Throw

Product no.: PDTTT

Pure new wool picnic blanket.


can be shipped within 1 days

Ascot Picnic Throw - Cottage Pink / Sage

Product no.: ORPCT22

Lifestyle Country Stripe Throw

Product no.: ORPLP13

Pure New wool


Lifestyle Silver Grey Plain Weave Throw

Product no.: ORPAC08

Lifestyle Beehive Throw Beige

Product no.: TBLBTBF

Pure New Wool


Luxury Faux Fur Throw - Siver Grey

Product no.: LFFTSG
Luxury Faux Fur Throw

Single Blanket Hire

Product no.: OGSB
Single blanket hire.

Double Blanket Hire

Product no.: OGDB
Double blanket hire.